Covid Response Plan

Covid-19 Response Plan – Napier Port Ocean Swim 2022

3rd December 2021
The following document outlines the guidelines in relation to delivering the Napier Port Ocean Swim 2022 event (The Event) at various Traffic Light levels. At all times the organisers of The Event will monitor the Ministry of Health (MoH) website and follow their guidelines and advice.

The principals of this document follow the Swimming New Zealand Open Water & Epic Swim Contingency Plan in addition to the information provided on the official Covid-19 Protection Framework (version released 19 Oct 2021 – Traffic Light System).

This document is a working document and will be updated as new information and clarification is received from the MoH and other relevant bodies associated with open water swimming events. This document will be published on the official Napier Port Ocean Swim website

The Event is scheduled to take place on Saturday morning 19 February 2022 at Perfume Point Reserve, Napier off Ahuriri Beach/Hardinge Road between 8am and 1pm.

The Event has historically attracted approximately 200 swimmers across 4 race distances (200m/500m/1000m/2500m) with each race starting and finishing before the next race is started. The 2500m race is the most popular and attracts half of the swimmers.

Ocean/Open Water swimming is gaining in popularity locally, nationally, and internationally. 2022 will be 11th year the Napier Port Ocean Swim will be staged and is a much-anticipated community sporting event on many athletes’ calendar.

All swimmers pre-register online providing name, date of birth, address, next of kin/emergency contact. No late registrations are taken on the day. Post event contact with participants and officials is possible from the online Entry/Registration Database and QR scanning.

Participants agree as part of entering the event that their details will be shared with the MoH if required for contact tracing.

All participants, volunteers, and contractors 12 years and 3months and older will be required to have double covid vaccination certificates (CVC) to participate in the event and this will be part of the registration criteria and that they agree they have the CVC and will produce their CVC at race pack collection at East Pier on Friday 18th February.

Surf Lifeguards will be expected to have provided proof of CVC to SLSNZ prior to the event and SLSNZ will confirm to the event organisers prior to race day that those lifeguards in attendance have CVC’s.

QR scanning, face coverings and 1m distancing will be enforced at East Pier as appropriate to the relevant Traffic Light level.

PPE including hand sanitiser will be available for all swimmers, officials, and lifeguards at East Pier (race pack collection) and on the day at The Event.

The principals of the Traffic Light System that have been applied to this plan are listed below. Vaccination certificates for all swimmers, officials and contractors will be mandatory.

PPE, the wearing of face masks and 1m distancing will all be adhered to and either “encouraged” or “required” depending on Traffic Light level for both participants and spectators/supporters.

Event cancellation due to Covid restrictions
If the event is cancelled due to government-imposed restrictions because of Covid 19 the organisers will refund swimmers 90% of their entry fees. The remaining 10% will go towards administration costs associated with refunding fees.

NB: the registration fee of $1 and 5% is non-refundable.

Green Traffic Light
Proceed as normal with use of vaccination certificates, exercise good hygiene and scan with QR scanner. Face coverings are encouraged. No limits to the number of swimmers. Prizegiving permitted. Race start times as below with last year’s number of entries as indication of 2022 entries:
9am 200m Kids Dash (15), 9.15am 500m (29), 9.45am 1000m (57), 10.30am 2500m (94)

Orange Traffic Light
Proceed as normal with use of vaccination certificates, exercise good hygiene and scan with QR scanner. Face coverings are mandatory, excluding when in the water. No limits to the number of swimmers. Prize giving permitted. Race start times and indicative number of entries as above.

Red Traffic Light
Proceed with use of vaccination certificates, exercise good hygiene and scan with QR scanner. Face coverings are mandatory, excluding when in the water. No prizegiving.

Maximum 200 swimmers split into 4 race bubbles. Each race bubble enters the Race Arena separately at times as below:

9am 200m Kids Dash, 9.15am 500m, 9.45am 1000m, 10.30am 2500m (capped @ 100)

Each race will be swum separately. As swimmers finish their race, they will remove their own transponder and exit the Race Arena. Once the last swimmer exits the race arena, we will marshal the next race as a separate/new “bubble.”

Swimmers and officials only allowed in the Race Arena.
All supporters and spectators will be separated from the Race Arena/swimmers by fixed waist high (1.2m) fencing

In the Red Traffic Light system, spectators will be actively discouraged from being within 1m of the fenced off Race Arena, encouraged to wear face coverings and keep 1m apart.

Approximate number of attendees directly under our control:

  • Swimmers 200+ (Green + Orange) Capped at 200 (Red)
  • Officials including Timing Services 10 (G/O/R)
  • Lifeguards 20 – 2 x on land and 18 x on the water (G/O/R)
  • Total 230 (G/O/R)

Other groups not under our direct control but separated from The Event via fixed fencing

  • Spectators, sponsors, and supporters estimated max 100 at any one time during The Event. No prizegiving gathering under Red Traffic Light System.
  • General public in the area

This plan has been sent to Napier Port (Naming Sponsor), Tri HB (timing services) and Surf Lifesaving NZ (water safety services) for review and approval.

The Event recognises that the Covid-19 situation is fluid, and the government can make decisions that impact The Event at any time. The Ministry of Health (MOH) website will be monitored, and this plan will be reviewed when new information is released.